When can someone smoke after tooth extraction?

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No SmokingFollowing dental extraction, which includes the removal of wisdom teeth, a lot of people who are smokers may ask themselves when can they start smoking again.

After tooth extraction, a blood clot slowly forms in the hole left in the bone by the removed tooth. This blood cloth is the initial phase of the healing process. The blood cloth’s formation can be slowed down when a person smokes, either from the suction done during the smoking action, or from the chemical toxins that come from a cigarette. This can lead to complications such as a dry socket, which is a temporary and very painful condition that occurs when the blood cloth forms slowly.

It is therefore recommended to wait at least 48 to 72 hours before smoking after a dental extraction. Smoking is very bad for someone’s health and stopping completely is mostly recommended.

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If you have ever run into a dry socket after a tooth extraction or are worried about having to deal with one or more, read this and it may set our mind at ease…I hope.

I have first hand experience dealing with a dry socket after a lower wisdom tooth extraction, let me tell you, it is absolutely horrible! Now I don’t want to frighten you, but there is no other word I can use to describe the pain other than ‘horrible’. I have gone through childbirth four times, have had a serious gallbladder attack and had a removal of it, and this dry socket pain, is far worse than all of those I mentioned, put together! There is really nothing that will alleviate the pain, ice, heat, medications (I tried the basics, Advil, Tylenol at first, then Demerol) and NOTHING helped it.

I was day 3 post extraction, and knew there was something wrong that morning. The pain was radiating to my ear, my entire jaw on the right was throbbing with pain, and breathing through my mouth caused an intense pain on my extraction site as well as the surrounding teeth. The swelling was coming down thankfully and my face no longer looked hideous, but this pain was not normal. And guess what? It was the weekend and the dental clinic was closed, and, it was the long weekend. I had Demerol I was prescribed the day of my extraction, and not many tablets either. I rationed them for I knew, I had to get to day 5 before I could make it to the dentist. needless to say, it was a painful and utterly brutal weekend.

I saw the dentist on the 5th day, almost as soon as they opened the doors. Sure enough, I was told I had dry socket. I explained I never spat the first and second day, never drank from a straw, rested BUT, I had a couple of cigarettes the next day. Mind you, I barely took a drag, I had a hunk of gauze covering the site and if you ever tried to smoke with a wad of gauze in your mouth, well, you really cannot. 

The dentist told me that it was because I smoked. From the research I have done, dry socket happens to people who do not smoke either, so, what can I say. I thin it may have come from that, but I am not certain either. 

She packed the socket with medicated gauze that contains clove oil and other ingredients. Within 15 minutes, my world of hurting was over, just like that! It hurt going in, yes, but the relief was incredible that I cried in the chair. I thought that would be it, but no. Each day for 4 days, I had to go back for new packing as the medications wore off in the gauze. It was less painful each day, but the pain was still present. It took weeks to heal and close, in the end, I was packing my own dry socket and it ended up healing over time. I purchased clove oil from Walmart Pharmacy which was inexpensive and all I did was dilute one drop of clove oil with 10 drops of olive oil and soaked a piece of gauze and packed the hole daily, after cleaning it with salt water and a syringe. Clove oil is an amazing natural analgesic and for anyone with tooth problems, it is a must have in your medicine cabinet! 

I wish I knew the exact reason I got dry socket, but I may never know. I do know that this year I am going to really try harder than ever before to finally quit smoking after 15 years. Follow my blog as I find a way to stop smoking the easy way..I will find it, I will share it.

If you have had dry socket and would like to comment here, I invite you to do so. If you have a question about it, please ask. I was a nurse for fourteen years and have gained valuable knowledge. My goal for my blog is to help people out with minor to moderate health problems for you and your loved ones!